Establishing a small winery at the break of the Great Depression certainly wasn’t an obvious decision to make. Sebastiano Musso was determined and passionate about the potential of Barbaresco’s terroir.

He started with little more than a hectare sitting in Cavanna and Ronchi, sites with ideal microclimate for balanced ripening and a balanced mix of clay and limestone soils. The resulting gorgeous wines were thus born, full of fresh acidity, minerality and elegant fruit. Sebastiano endured and battled through the trying times of World War II, never doubting the potential of his venture.

In the 1960s, his son Augusto joined the family business carrying on his father’s legacy. In 1966, the Barbaresco that Sebastiano had dedicated his whole life became a DOC wine, finally opening the gates of recognition and commercial success. Augusto’s youthful enthusiasm added even more to the winery as they expanded by buying a small plot in the hill of Pora and an entire farm in Rio Sordo. The winemaking facilities and vineyard have developed in success and size still remaining a small, carefully managed operation, producing around only 75,000 bottles a year. Musso emphasizes and focus on organic methods, allowing the production of wines with minimal additions of sulphites.

These are some of the finest wines of the Piedmont region, the hard work and persistence easily detected in every refined sip.

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