In Eguisheim since 1580, the Domaine Émile Beyer preserves family know-how of 14 generations. Many documents, scrupulously preserved, attest and tell this long story. Since 1997, Christian Beyer has been overseeing the fate of the Maison whose vineyard covers 17 hectares, with a third in the Grands Crus Eichberg and Pfersigberg. The transmission of this family passion is reflected in their wines, pure, balanced, revealing in the bottle the spirit of the soil. Since 2009, a new modern and spacious cellar has been inaugurated. Like his ancestor Lucas Beyer, Christian Beyer graduated in oenology from the faculty of Dijon, Burgundy. The principles guiding Christian are controlled yields, environmentally friendly viticulture and natural winemaking. Produce less for richer and better quality grapes.

The soil is a living environment, a source of energy for the vine too, must be protected by herbal preparations in accordance with the rhythms of nature. Proud of Ecocert certification, the estate is cultivated bio-dynamically. By taking care of their terroirs, they promote the balance of the vine and preserve the subtlety and uniqueness of their wines.

After a severe sorting, Christian establishes a vinification scheme conducive to the preservation of the purity of the aromas. A gentle pressing avoids crushing the seeds with oily and bitter notes. Cold settling and vinification in stainless steel thermoregulated vats ensure the liveliness of the primary flavours. As for the pinot noir, it’s ageing in Burgundy (barrel) gives it texture, a tannic structure and an additional complexity characterized by some spicy notes.

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