We have been guided by a love for the land and the local area and driven forward by a passion for innovation ever since Adeodato Pieralisi set up his workshop for the maintenance of agricultural machinery in 1888.

The company was founded in 2012 after our family decided to place the estates at the centre of its agricultural activities, focusing on the splendid vineyards and olive groves.

To this day, we believe in an “ancient” style of agriculture, in which each and every decision is taken as part of a pursuit of excellence that respects the environment and the natural life cycles of the area. Our agricultural estate is based in the middle of the large Colle del Sole vineyard, which spans over 20 hectares and is located near Scorcelletti, in the municipality of Maiolati Spontini. All of our wines come solely from this vineyard. The proximity of the vineyard allows us to significantly reduce the time period between the grape harvest, during which the bunches are picked by hand from the plants, and the pressing phase. In this way, we ensure that the winemaking process remains as natural as possible, leaving the organoleptic qualities of our grapes unaltered.

The Colle del Sole vineyard is situated in the heart of Valle Esina. Thanks to the valley’s wide opening towards the sea, light ventilation and the chemical and physical structure of the earth, the region is particularly suitable for vine growing. The vineyard stretches for around 20 hectares and stands at an average altitude of 120 metres above sea level. It receives good sunlight and light breezes and is predominantly south and south-east facing.

Our wines are unique because they grown up in this specific area. The same Verdicchio grape out of this specific area, can’t offer the same result. The orographic and climatic variety typical of Le Marche makes our region particularly lush, something that enables a huge range of animal and vegetable species to thrive. «It is our duty to preserve and protect this wealth of biodiversity through non-invasive procedures that work in harmony»

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