Decanter 2022│ Chenin Reserve 2021 │Ken Forrester

In the latest Decanter 2022 Best in Show Edition has had its efforts and work rewarded by naming its Chenin Reserve 2021 Old vine Reserve among the top 50 with a score of 97 points. Discover or rediscover this wine and the delicious Chenin Blanc varietal for $18.55. The Forrester portfolio of wines is available in white, red and rosé. New products and exclusive blends to come, watch for our New Arrivals.

Discover the Piedmont and the Solis Vis wine

The region of Monferrato in Piedmont where originates the Solis Vis of Tenuta Montemagno, an indigenous white wine from the Timorasso variety nearly disappeared and rediscovered in the ’80s. Read about this wine and the attractions of Piedmont in the article published in Tout sur le vin in French only by Jessica Harnois and Mélanie Frappier.

Organic-Nature-Biodynamics │Differences Explained

How to find your way around? Organic, Natural, Biodynamic, Sustainable Agriculture .... wines and winemakers tend more and more towards this type of practice. The information site Tout sur le vin (in French only) has posted an article that explains each of these practices in detail. A good start and a step towards sustainability! Discover the Natural Sangiovese wine Ilex from the house Caprili 15.45 $ Cheers!

April 22 - Earth Day - Organic-Natural Wines

On Earth Day, André Maccabée of Cité Boomers proposes some organic wines. Among his selections is a new Valmonti wine from Austria by Andreas Gsellmann, the Red Zu Tisch a blend of Blaufränkisch, Zweigelt, Saint-Laurent grapes, a nice discovery under 25$.

A new generation for the Dolcetto Oberto

After 22 years of collaboration, Fabio founded his own company «La Collina di Dioniso di Fabio Oberto». Under this new entity, the Dolcetto produced by his father Andrea has seen a change in packaging to match the new visual style of the La Collina range. Discover or rediscover this excellent Dolcetto, a fine Italian wine under the $20 mark, in the April 13th rticle of d’André Maccabée from Cité boomers.

Easter Brunch suggestions!

In his April 9th article, André Maccabée from Cité Boomers invites you to the Loire wine region. The first suggestion for your Easter Brunch is the Chardonnay from Château de la Ragotière by Frères Couillaud. This wine is in promotion until April 18th. Complete your purchases with a second wine from the same house, Les Schistes, a delicious Muscadet under the $20 price mark.

Valentine’s Day Wine Suggestion

For Valentine’s Day, Janine Saine of "Tout sur le vin" suggests a few wines to share with your loved one, friend, lover or just for the pleasure of celebrating this day. Among her choices, the Mtsvane from Giuaani. A delicious Orange wine from Georgia at a sweet price ♥ $18.45 ♥

January Comforting wine from Philippe Lapeyrie

To get you through the cold days of January, Philippe Lapeyrie in his January 22nd coverage suggests Ken Forrester’s Roussanne. An excellent choice to warm your heart and palate $22.40

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