Mauro Molino was born in Piedmont, where he grew up among the legendary hills and emblematic vineyards of this region. He graduated from the Alba winemaking school in 1973 and then gained five years of experience as a winemaker in Emilia Romagna. In 1979, after the death of his father Giovanni, he returned home to the family farm of La Morra and began advising local vineyards while building his own estate. In 1982, Mauro produced his first vintage from the family’s famous Conca dell’Annunziata vineyard, a conch-shaped parcel and one of the smallest vineyards in the Barolo region.
Mauro’s son Matteo joined the company as a winemaker in 2003, and in 2009 his daughter Martina began overseeing the commercial aspects of the business. Both Matteo and Martina are graduates of the Alba winemaking school and are an integral part of the winery.
Vineyard management involves integrated pest and disease control. Control treatments are carried out only when strictly necessary (consultation with an expert for the estate). Sulphur and copper-based products are mainly used. A minimum number of anti-insect treatments are applied and only with products with low environmental impact. Natural cover (grassing) is left in the rows between the vines. In autumn, the soil of every other row between the vines is worked. Only organic fertilizers are used. Very low doses of SO2 are added to the wines (the minimum to avoid oxidation)
Mauro Molino continues to produce wines at Annunziata of La Morra with the greatest respect for tradition. The Barolo DOCG is the world ambassador. The grapes are grown in three different vineyards: two in the municipality of La Morra (MGA Berri and Annunziata) and one in Monforte (MGA Perno). The grapes from these areas have distinct and complementary characteristics, giving a wine with the typical aromatic elegance of La Morra and the structure and power of Monforte.

La Morra, is renowned for its elegance and finesse, the two main characteristics of Molino’s wines.

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