“What a dream!!”
It was with this euphoric comment noted in the guestbook, that the famous winemaker Newald Marais greeted Kranskop Winery on April 9, 2003. He never imagined that years later he would return to the Breede River Valley as the proud owner of this remarkable winery/boutique... Located in the picturesque Klaasvoogds region on the northern slope of the Robertson Valley is the idyllic 90-acre Kranskop Winery. The steep, rocky outcrop of the peak overlooking the estate is the origin of its name. Although the estate has been producing wine since 2001, historical records indicate that vines were planted in this part of the Robertson Valley in the 1790s. Today, the estate comprises some 60 acres of vineyard planted with several classic grape varieties.

After several years of working at the estate as a consulting winemaker and winemaker, Newald Marais acquired the estate in 2009.

Meet the winemaker, Newald Marais
Known and respected for his dedication, passion and love for the wine industry, Newald Marais has many inspiring stories to tell, supported by a long list of award-winning wines. Having achieved great success as a winemaker at leading wineries, Newald returned to his valley of origin in 2002 to become a sought-after consultant in winemaking for various wineries.

The ultimate "dream" came true in 2009 when he became the owner of Kranskop Wine Estate - his own winery where he produces his press pressed wines. For someone who had achieved the highest aspirations in the industry, it was nostalgic and enthusiastic to return to the countryside to participate in the growing resurgence and appreciation of traditionally made wines.

As a member of the Biodiversity and Wine Initiative (BWI), Kranskop ensures that every skillfully crafted bottle of wine is produced without harming the environment. Small volumes guarantee the winery’s commitment to the highest standards and the uniqueness of the wines - making a visit to Kranskop the ideal destination for people who care about wine.

Kranskop produces four whites, one rosé, five reds and one Noble Late Harvest. The red wines differ from the other wineries in that they are all pressed only with the traditional basket press. Kranskop has two basket presses of unknown age. However, the method has been used for thousands of years, when the trampling of workers was no longer necessary and its results were no longer desirable for winemaking. The basket press allows the winemaker to completely control and adjust the pressure on the grapes, as well as closely monitor the colour and taste of the wine throughout the pressing process.

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