OTAZU is completely unique. Besides being the most northerly winery producing red wine in Spain, it is also a setting, a vineyard, a forest, a magical landscape, a philosophy of creating quality wine. Its 350 hectares are home to the tradition and history of a (Señorío) Manor dating from the Middle Ages, complete with the sixteenth-century palace, fourteenth-century dovecote and twelfth-century church, alongside the modernity of the new underground cellar.

Set in the Cuenca de Pamplona basin and framed between the Sierra del Perdón and the Sierra de Echauri with the Arga river as a natural boundary, it enjoys an exceptional microclimate with Atlantic and Mediterranean influences, which favour the ripening of the grapes. Added to this is the oenological wealth of the soil, a blend of alluvial clay terraces, pebbles and rocky terrain.

Otazu’s hallmark is the unique nature of its terroir and the continuous selection of its wines. We only make wines using grapes from the 115 hectares of our own vineyards, set around the winery, which ensures their selection, personality and quality.

Otazu wine has been awarded the category “VINO DE PAGO”:
It is the highest geographic recognition in Spain, superior to a DO, which designates singular wines that come from a specific area with distinct climatic and soil condition.
This category demands the highest strictness on wine quality requirements.

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