The Moro family has been involved in viticulture since the 12th century. This family was one of the most active in the Ribera del Duero region in the 1970s, supplying grapes to Bodega Protos and Vega Sicilia, the two most prestigious estates in Castile at that time, when Castilian wines were generally of poor quality.

The Matarromera estate, founded in 1988 by Carlos Moro, an agricultural engineer, has its origins in a pago, a terroir belonging to the former Cistercian monastery, renowned for its ability to combine vines, climate and soil. This estate is located along the south bank of the Douro River between the towns of Pesquera and Quintanilla and is ideal for the production of quality grapes.

Carlos Moro belongs to that category of man that nothing can stop, driven by a vision that might seem utopian, namely to produce wine in every region of Castile, taking into account the terroir, style and character of Castile. This is how the Matarromera Group came into being, with vineyards in different regions of Castile: Val de los Fraises (Cigale), Cyan (Toro), Matarromera, Emina and Renacimiento (Duero).

Carlos Moro is also interested in ecology (recycling of wine residues, grapes, wood, cardboard, paper, etc.), the use of solar energy and also in R&D, which leads his team to carry out research to produce good non-alcoholic wines (Emina Sin and Emina Zero), beauty products, cosmetics, based on polyphenol and grape residues.

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