Tenuta Montemagno estate is dated back 1563: a long history behind it. Napoleon, during the XIX century, lived here and thanks to Napoleon maps Mr. Barea, the actual owner, discovered the existence of the vineyards. TM has a different story to tell: Tenuta Montemagno is the realization of the Dream of Tiziano Barea, inventor and entrepreneur, that has created the style of the wines of Tenuta Montemagno, the high technology of Nectar – innovative system of pumping process; the elegance and the design of the bottles packaging and the Tenuta architecture. As Napoleon was a great leader, Mr. Tiziano Barea is a wise "Condottiero" able to lead masterly Tenuta Montemagno toward the production of high-quality Premium wines of the unmistakable style

Tenuta Montemagno is located in the heart of Monferrato, in Montemagno and lies on the 45th parallel, the best position from ever for the vine cultivation. The richness of the soil composition, thanks to the fact that millions of years ago the sea had covered this area, is represented by clay, limestone, minerals . all vineyards have south, southwest exposures, the altitude of 300 mt a.s.l. together with the climate make this area very suitable for vine cultivation, particularly for the indigenous varieties - Ruchè, Grignolino, Timorasso, malvasia, barbera. btw, also the international varieties as Sauvignon and Syrah cultivated here in Tenuta Montemagno vineyards present the same elegance, structure and rich bouquet.

Tenuta Montemagno wines are unique because of the TM method, which means:

1. Sustainable cultivation system in vineyards;
2. Low yield/ha; manual harvest and accurate selection of grapes in vineyards and during the harvest;
3. A sophisticated technological system of vinification and low sulphites levels in all wines.


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