Malvasia Orange - 2020

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Caract. : Vin Orange sec  
Price : 22.35$
SAQ Code :  
Inventory : Cellier Collection  
Format : 750 mL 
Degree of Alcohol : 13.5% 
Bottles/Crate : 12 
Certifications : Organic, Natural, Vegan  

Tasting :

Orange colour with amber nuances, more or less intense according to the maturity of the grapes and the time of maceration with the skins. The aroma of flowers such as rose hip, followed by herbaceous notes that slide towards alfalfa. In the mouth, a balance between the presence of country sweetness and bitterness; sweet and bitter.

Wine Pairing :

Thanks to its crispness and bitterness, it goes well with all dishes, from Foie Gras to shellfish, but also with soft cheeses.

Winemaking :

  • Variety : Malvasia 100%
  • Age of vines : 10 years
  • Type of soil: Deep clay soils with calcareous grains
  • Yield of vines : 29 ton/ ha
  • Irrigation : None
  • Harvest : Manual
  • Fermentation : Spontaneous fermentation, without added sulphites (less than 10 Mg/lt) Prolonged contact of the skin with the must, which gives the wine particular aromas and colours
  • Élevage : The skins are left to macerate for two or three days with the must, without temperature control, without the addition of sulfites and fermented with their natural yeasts. During maceration, the tannins are extracted and give the wine the same structure as a red wine.
  • Type of yeast : Natural
  • Fining : Without disgorging "Con Fondo"
  • Serving temperature: 10 °C - 12 °C
  • Sugar: 8gr/L
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