Located in Bué in the Sancerrois region of the Loire Valley, the Millet family has been producing wine for over five generations.

"The Domaine Gérard Millet, a family estate, is the result of the pooling of two estates, the first made up by Flora and Camille and the second by Jeanne and Anselme. Their children, Pierre and Huguette, gave birth to the estate, which was then developed by Gérard and his wife Isabelle from 1979 onwards. They gradually increased the surface area of the estate and the marketing areas. In 1990, the year their son Steve was born, they entered the Menetou-Salon appellation thanks to the family land they were going to plant.

The construction of the cellar and the house, founding the estate as it exists today, dates from 1993. The inheritance of this family heritage and the investment of each one, allows now to work vines aged more than 30 years, a guarantee of quality. It is in 2012 when he finishes his studies in viticulture-oenology and wine trade, completed by an internship in New York, that Steve, joined Isabelle and Gerard on the Domain.

At that time, he had an idea that was particularly dear to his heart: "To make unique wines from plot selections". This technique essentially aims to bring out the richness of the terroir. At the same time, and in a perfectly complementary way, Steve and his parents are committed to an environmental approach that will lead to obtaining a High Environmental Value 3 certification in 2020.

Today, the estate, planted with 85% Sauvignon Blanc and 15% Pinot Noir, covers a total of 24 hectares of vines, 19 of which are in the Sancerre appellation and 5 hectares in Menetou-Salon.