Built by the noble Loré de la Ragotiere family in the fourteenth century, Château de la Ragotière was purchased in 1979 by the Couillaud brothers. After acquiring the property, Bernard, François and Michel discovered an old cellar in the chapel housing vintages dating back to 1947. The Couillaud brothers strive to carry on the tradition of making high quality, long-lasting Muscadets. Since 2006, Amélie (Bernard’s daughter) and Vincent (her husband) set up in the family wine business. Amélie is in charge of the exportation and Vincent looks after the Vineyards.

To enable their soil to express all its qualities, the Couillaud brothers pay careful attention to cultivation methods: planned cropping, organic and mineral fertilizers, weed control through the sowing of grass, green harvesting techniques, etc. These methods work side by side with progressive ideas: they have just installed a weather station connected to a computer in order to optimize treatments.


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