At Orsogna, since 2005 all the elements to apply the biodynamic agriculture method were already in place, 80% of the partners were organic farms with vineyards and animals. The altitude above sea level and the specific ventilation of the area, did not require the use of pesticides and treatments against humidity stagnation, thanks to the location between the Adriatic and the Majella. Moreover, the conditions of this land have never allowed a massive production of grapes.

Characteristics of the terroir :

  • 432 m above sea level_ At the foot of the Majella National Park
  • In a straight line, 15 km from the Adriatic Sea
  • A territory that is always ventilated
  • Remarkable temperature range

Each wine is the result of a rigorous selection of grapes. In every glass you can recognize the high quality and elegance; in every sip, you can appreciate the authentic flavour offered by the soil and the vine of each vintage. The range of wine is wide, from classics such as native Abruzzo Doc, international grape varieties, and sparkling wines to real innovations resulting from continuous and accurate research of terroir carried out by the technical director.

The biodynamic project "Lunaria Ancestrale" is born from a deep desire to do things differently. It is based on the principles of the circular economy, using wool yarn as a fastener on its bottles, with the aim of revaluing this precious material. Once considered priceless treasures, wool coats are now worthless and end up in ecological landfills. Wool is a high-quality natural fiber that can be worn for a long time and also biodegrades at the end of its long life.

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