"Georgia has produced the earliest evidence of wine selection and hence the emergence of the cultivated variety: Vitis vinifera sativa. Carbon-dating puts this change to domestication at about 5,000 BC." “The Vintner’s Art", Hugh Johnson & James Halliday.

In 1886 on a place of an old wine cellar of Alexander Chavchavadze by the decree of the brother of Russian Emperor, Michael Romanoff was constructed the two-floor wine factory first in Georgia. The first winemaker of Tsinandali Wine Factory was Swede Dickensson (1887-1891) who was replaced by the French expert from Bordeaux – Massano in 1891. The variety of grapes produced there, the technique of the production and of course the century-old heritage of making fine wine - all can be attributed to the un-parallel appeal of French wine.

The expert applied in the manufacture of faults from local grades of grapes the European practice. And furthermore in the year 1892 by his effort and management Cabernet Sauvignon one of the world’s most widely recognized red wine grape varieties were introduced and cultivated in Kakheti. As a result of the first harvest after its cultivation, it was found out that its suitability to the Georgian environment was strongly influenced by the warmth of the climate and soil structure of Telaini Valley. Cabernet Sauvignon planted on Teliani Valley soil could inherit the familiar flavours, quality and taste that express the typical character of this variety.

Since 1997 Georgia’ s one of the largest wine producer Teliani Valley PLC has created world-renowned brands that bring the best out of the country’s major wine regions. www.telianivalley.com. Teliani Valley markets and sells quality wines to millions of consumers worldwide. With more than 20 brands in its portfolio, Teliani Valley is committed to providing consumers with great tasting brands that are reasonably priced, and the perfect choice for everyday enjoyment and special occasions. Teliani Valley currently markets and sells a wide array of affordable popular and premium wines in several segments. Most of the brands are exported outside Georgia, giving the company a global reach. Teliani Valley is a leading integrated wine producer, accounting for approximately 50% of the sales of bottled wins domestically and circa 11% of the Georgian bottled wine exports.

Facts about Teliani Valley:
 Own oak barrel producing company.
 Modern western bottling lines and cooling system.
 Modern laboratory to follow the strictest quality demands.
 Own vineyards in all main viticulture districts of Georgia.

The company plans to continue acquiring producing vineyards and suitable land in order to ensure the quality of grapes and secure access to high-quality grapes as and when the competition strengthens. _ Quality improvement and upshift in product mix: Teliani valley intends to further, improve the quality of its wines and broaden the product lineup by creating new high-margin products.

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