The Rougaroux legend has been told in Louisiana for many generations. A Rougaroux is often described as a creature similar to a werewolf. He prowls the swamps during a full moon.

If cursed by the Rougaroux, legend says the spell will last for 101 days. Our Sugarshine Rum is 101 proof, representing the 101 days of the Rougaroux curse. This rum is a full-bodied rum with the rich, robust flavour of cane.

The Rougaroux is said to roam the swamps and cane fields of Louisiana during a full moon. Our Full Moon Dark Rum is 80 proof and captures the spirit and mystery of Southern Louisiana with its undertones of vanilla, caramel, and spices.

A trick for keeping the Rougaroux away is to place 13 small objects (such as pennies) in the doorway of a home. It is said that the Rougaroux can only count to 12 and will be forced to start over each time he reaches this number.

Inspired by the traditional pecan praline, 13 Pennies Rum is distilled from Louisiana sugarcane, naturally-flavoured with vanilla, pecan, and sweetened with small batch local cane syrup.

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