Finca Las Divas is located in Mendoza’s Alto Valle de Uco. At an altitude rising from 1250 to 1350 meters (3750 to 4050 feet) above sea level, these are among Mendoza’s highest lying vineyards.

In January of 2002, Dario Werthein and Fabian Suffern acquired the initial 119 acres which would become Finca Las Divas. The Werthein Family’s rose to become one of Argentina’s largest financial holding entities, being an important player in the finance and business world. The family also owned the Finca Flinchman estate from 1983 to 1997.

Michel Rolland and Paul Hobbs served as advisors for Finca las divas, helping them to establish the objective of the company: quality.

The first vintage was launched in 2005. The three high-end wines of Finca Las Divas (Gran Malbec, Gran Cabernet Sauvignon and Gran Corte, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Cabernet Franc) are commercialized under the Riglos brand. The immediate success of these wines opened up a bright future for the company.

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