The owners, António and Cândida went to the Douro more than 40 years ago. In 2000 they bought a small estate, Quinta das Apegadas which vine they restore, as well as the house, their home at the Douro. Later in 2003, they bought Quinta Velha, a larger estate all of it with A grade vines, the best both for Port and table wines.

In 2004 they started to make DOC Douro wines with the support of oenologist Rui Cunha. 2006 was the first vintage that went to the market, at the same time a new winery was built at Quinta Velha.

The grapes from Quinta das Apegadas, a higher place, are used to make Rosé, Douro Banks and part of the white wines. Other reds are made only with handpicked grapes from Quinta Velha. The “terroir” of Quinta Velha is marked by similarities with others furthermore east.

The vines have south exposure and as there is no irrigation the yield is low, but the characteristics of the grapes improve. All that right bank of the Douro between Régua and Pinhão is amongst the most adapted soils to Porto and DOC wines.
Also, the diversity of the age, and of the grape varieties allow us to make some good combinations even if the estate is not so big.
We think we have the benefits of one more balanced meteorology with very good exposure, a very good quality soil and a very good average quality of our grapes. Our old vines are very well balanced with the less old but having a very high quality. This is particularly seen on our Touriga Nacional grapes, that are not the oldest vines but have proved that can make very good wines.

Making wines since 2004 we have already studied the relation vine/wine, so besides the quality of the wines, it’s consistency year after year is easy to apprehend.

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