Plantagenet, located at the heart of Mount Baker, Western Australia, was the first estate of this region to commercialize wine in 1974. The cool to moderate climate is ideal for the growth and production of Riesling, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon, Shiraz and Cabernet-Sauvignon.

Named after the local Shire of Plantagenet, the winery was founded in 1968 when English immigrant Tony Smith identified the potential of these wild and remote lands by planting vines on his Mount Barker property.
This estate first started as a small family business, but over the years, Plantagenet developed and expanded considerably. In 2000, the estate was bought by Lionel Samson & Son, the first family to have founded a company in Western Australia in 1829.

For the Plantagenet estate, the most important aspect of wine growing considered to be the critical feature of wine quality and production, is choosing the perfect time for grape picking. The saying that ‘Wine is produced in the vines’ summarizes the Plantagenet’s’ philosophy of winemaking. They believe that the only way to obtain the desired aromas for a given wine is to taste the grapes before picking, implying that their œnologists work mainly within the vines themselves. Many of the Plantagenet estate’s wines are produced with grapes originating from the oldest vineyards of the region.

Since 2000, further investments have been made in the development of the Rosetta vineyard and improvements to the Winery. It is this rich tapestry of landscapes and soils in a harsh and variable climate that provides Plantagenet with fruit of such distinct character.

Lionel Samson & Son has now become the Lionel Samson Sadleirs Group containing diverse business interests from logistics to packaging, still 100% family owned. The family involvement with Plantagenet remains strong and new vintages and product releases are eagerly anticipated and celebrated.

Today, Plantagenet is one of the most respected estates of the region, constantly producing wines distinguished by their elegance, finesse, balance, subtlety and complexity for almost 45 years.

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