BODEGAS PANIZA was founded in 1953 and has built up a solid business in the wine trade, with a focus on the local market and selected export markets. Recently, the Bodegas entered a new phase, with new management, important investments and a focus on market expansion and branding.

The philosophy is low-intensity agriculture and protection of the environment. Half of the land is set aside for native vegetation and wildlife. This is both a quality and an environmental-protection issue.

Paniza owns 2,500 hectares of vineyards, in a total 4,760 hectares area (14.388 ha D.O. P. Cariñena), the highest vineyards in the area, up to an altitude of 850 metres that gives cooler evening summer temperatures and high contrasts in temperature.

The wine from young vineyards is of excellent concentration in colour, sugar, flavour and aroma.

Old vines peculiarity:

  • Traditional bush-vine method, hand-picking;
  • New plantings: trellises, mechanization;
  • A wide range of micro-landscapes and a mosaic-like terroir;
  • Terroir ideal for high-quality, diverse and complex wines;

Terroir character:

  • A mix of steep mountain slopes, rugged foothills, open plains;
  • Soils and sub-soils: low in organic content;
  • Limestone and reddish-brown clays with good drainage, structure and aeration;
  • Rocky surfaces. Sub-surfaces composed of limestone, sand and clay deposits.
  • Ideal for high-quality, diverse and complex wines.

The wine style is young, fresh and fruity, soft and easy-drinking wines, or oak-aged reds, sophisticated wines, smooth structure, good integration of fruit and oak.

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