Monte Schiavo is a modern and dynamic company which produces a large range of high-quality wines.
The company is situated in Maiolati Spontini, near Ancona, in the heart of the traditional Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi region. All the vineyards grow on the bright, sun-drenched, south-south-west slopes of the gentle hilly spurs.

The total area is 115 hectares of mixed soils, especially suitable for the production of the local DOC, sparkling and table wines. Monte Schiavo was born in 1978 as Monte Schiavo Farmers’ Co-operative. It has belonged to the Pieralisi group since 1995.

Pieralisi group has been working in the sector of Industrial Farm Machines successfully for 50 years. Nowadays Pieralisi works in the viticultural area with the same professionality using the most innovative production techniques. Each vineyard, due to its special characteristics, guarantees high-quality production. The Sylvos cultivation method ensures the optimum ripening of the grapes. Over the last few years, experience has shown that it is necessary to carry out a number of operations prior to vintages, such as green harvest and thinning out of the bunches, depending on the climate and the means of production. The harvest is always carried out by hand, in stages, in order to ensure that each bunch is picked at the correct level of ripeness.

The cellar of “Monte Schiavo” is equipped with horizontal presses to press the grapes gently, stainless steel tanks for vinification and preservation of the wine, a cooling plant to control and condition temperatures during fermentation, preservation and stabilization of the product, and a underground cellar with controlled temperature to improve the quality of bottled wines. Over the last decade, as a consequence of our firm conviction currently supported by authoritative opinions, the cellar has been equipped with facilities for the production of a Brut sparkling wine, using the Charmat method.
Mr. Andrea Pieralisi is the Managing Director, Mr. Davide Orrù is the sales manager while Mr. Mauro Bambini is responsible for the cellar. Mr. Pier Luigi Lorenzetti is the enologist, responsible for the preparation and preservation of the wine.

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