The Mönchhof (which means ‘monk’) estate, previously owned by the Cistercien monks, exists since the 12th century and is amongst the oldest wineries of Mosel. The estate’s wine cellar, built by the monks in the 16th century, is still in use today.

In 1804, the Eymael family bought the Mönchhof estate at one of Napoleon’s auctions. The winery includes the Urziger Würzgartenand the Erden Treppchen vineyards as well as one of the Mosel’s jewels: the Erden Prälat vineyard. These Riesling vineyards consist of original non-transplanted vines, most of which are centenarian vines.

Robert Eymael is also the owner of the Christoffel winery ever since Hans Leo Christoffel retired. Hans Leo still plays an active role in the estate’s winemaking process, as he contributes to the winemaking process by giving his timeless advice to ensure that the Christoffel brand remains authentic.

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