Leonardo Bussoletti is at the forefront of the renaissance of Ciliegiolo, he has been working with the University of Milan since 2009 to identify thirty different clones of this ancient Sangiovese parent variety.

Leonardo spent the first half of his career in wine sales and marketing, selling the fruit of the work of others. In 2009 he decided to change his destiny by taking over a small organic vineyard belonging to his family, planting 9 hectares of Ciliegolo, Trebbiano and Grechetto: another specialty of Umbria.

He owns 9 hectares around Narni. Ciliegiolo di Narni is considered the true genesis of Ciliegiolo, contrary to the belief that its origins are Tuscan, traces of this precious grape variety can be found in Umbria since the 1200s. This variety is still little known today but is capable of producing magnificent wines. On its lands Leonardo also cultivates the two varieties of Grechetto, Grechetto di Orvieto and Grechetto di Todi: also known as Pignoletto. These two varieties are vinified separately because they contain surprisingly different characteristics, and are then blended to obtain a well-balanced wine. Leonardo Bussoletti is the spirit of Ciliegiolo and the head of the association of producers of Ciliegiolo di Narni, which has been working for years to popularize and enhance the value of this variety.

There are 11 producers in the tiny D.O.C . Brecciaro is its most dynamic and pleasant wine to drink and this version, made from old vines, demonstrates the complexity that this variety can achieve.

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