"Le Chiuse" has very ancient origins. It was, in fact, part of the Biondi Santi family properties and was brought as a dowry by Maria Tamanti when she married Clemente Santi in the lasts of the 1700s their daughter Caterina married Jacopo Biondi and Their son Ferruccio (Simonetta Valiani’s great-grandfather) , joined the names in Biondi Santi. Ferruccio was in war with Garibaldi and after that, he continued his grandfather work enhancing the value and selecting the vines to obtain this particular clone of San Giovese (Grosso) called Brunello.

At the origin, Le Chiuse used to produce wine and wheat and one part of the old house was reserved to the Biondi Santi family that during both harvests used to check if everything was well-made by sharecroppers. Tancredi (Ferruccio’s son) gave "Le Chiuse" and two others proprieties to her daughter Fiorella (Simonetta’s mother) when she got married, exhorting her never to sell "Le Chiuse" because their land is the best for the Brunello Riserva vintage. Fiorella rented hers lands to his Brother Franco Biondi Santi the actual owner of "Greppo farm" who has been cultivating and making wine with the grapes till the 1990s. Fiorella died in the 1986 and her daughter Simonetta Valiani that inherited from her grandfather love for the lands and passion for making wine started to produce wine her own "Brunello Le Chiuse". It was a hard-work: together with her husband Nicolo’ Magnelli she restored the farm-buildings, the chapel, built a new underground-cellar and planted new vineyards. To maintain the wine typicality the new vineyards are implanted with wild feet all grafted one by one with the old vines stocks (60/70 years old). These mother-vines, in fact, had been selected by his grandfather Tancredi.

The wines of the estate are certified organic.

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