La Raia Estate was acquired by the Rossi Cairo family in 2003 with the aim of improving and reviving the original ecosystem through a vast project, inspired by the principles of biodynamics. Located in the hills of Gavi in Piedmont, the 180-hectare property includes a winery, a small luxury hotel, an art foundation, a Steiner school and 48 hectares dedicated to the cultivation of the vine.

The wine cellar was built using an ancient, environmentally friendly construction technique called «Pisé». This technique is in harmony with the gentle hills of Piedmont that surround La Raia. For the realization of the winery, La Raia called upon the Austrian architect Martin Rauch, one of the great experts of this technique on an international scale.

The vineyards, with south-east and south-west exposure, are spread throughout the estate at an altitude of about 400 meters. The soils are calcareous and loamy. According to the basic philosophy of the Domaine, which respects the principles of biodynamics, the vines are cultivated without any use of chemicals. All the vineyards have been cultivated according to the principles of organic agriculture and biodynamics for almost 20 years. Respect for biodiversity is one of the core values that has inspired La Raia over the years, and it is this commitment that is expressed every day in their work.

Today, La Raia produces three types of Gavi D.O.C.G - Gavi, Gavi Riserva Vigna della Madonnina, Gavi Pisé, and two types of Barbera D.O.C. Piemontese. The vineyard of La Madonnina is located on a hillside facing southeast. The hills where the grapes come from enjoy the perfect amount of sunshine to fully ripen the Cortese grape. This vineyard is a Cru of old vines, an important factor in producing more concentrated grapes. The Gavi Pisé grapes are grown in La Cascinetta where the soil has a red vein, more suitable for the production of grapes for rich white wines.

The proximity to the Ligurian Sea, allows the vineyards to receive a cooler breeze in the late afternoon which lowers the temperature, and this diurnal shift provides the ideal environment for the grapes to retain acidity and slowly develop their aromas.

The low intervention vinification, combined with thorough research of the territory and the technology, allows the production of wines that accentuate the natural characteristics of the Cortese, reflecting the maximum expression of the terroir. The Demeter certification is a guarantee of La Raia’s commitment and respect for the environment.

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