Grappa di Verdicchio

Grappa di Verdicchio
Grape Variety : Verdicchio  
Caract. : Grappa │Grape marc spirit  
Price : 61.75$
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Inventory : Cellier Collection  
Format : 700 mL 
Degree of Alcohol : 42% 
Bottles/Crate : 6 

Tasting :

Fresh, fragrant, slightly floral scent with a hint of bitter almond typical of the original variety. Its taste is dry, delicate, rather intense with light herbaceous nuances.

Wine Pairing :

Drink smooth, never with ice. To be drunk at the end of a meal, with chocolate or a good cigar.

Winemaking :

  • Characteristic:
    The distillate is obtained from Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi grape marc, a native clone
  • Distillation Distilled pomace is very fresh, not pressed, and very rich in must
  • Still: Indirect and discontinuous steam distiller made of steel and copper
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