Fattoria La Rivolta is entirely hilly with altitudes. On the sea level from 300 to 600 meters on the slopes Apennines, the nature of the soil differs elsewhere in the region because it is a limestone on a volcanic clay, climatic conditions are optimal with harsh winters and hot summer but strong excursion temperature between day and night.
The company’s production of grapes are all obtained with thinning and therefore yields much lower those indicated in this specification together with an optimal exposure of the entire vineyard to the south, southeast allows the production of grape extracts from large and great scents.

The doc Taburno, although one of the smallest of the region, is considered one of the most qualitative (it is defined as the «Southern Montalcino») and has a very rigid rule of production with low yields per hectare and the obligatory production of grapes, wine and bottling in the DOC (unlike Taurasi and other examples of where DOC Avellino
Bottling can be done in other areas of Italy with an undeniable risk of counterfeiting and loss of the traceability)

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