The first top-quality alcohol-free wine has arrived in Spain. The prestigious Group Matarromera, based in the town of Valbuena de Duero (Valladolid), has just launched EMINASIN, a wine with an alcohol content of 0.5%.

EMINASIN has been obtained thanks to the most advanced technology, with a patented system that represents a world’s first in preserving the organoleptic characteristics of traditional wine but almost completely eliminating its alcohol content.

EMINASIN is made by means of a system known as the Spinning Cone Column (SCC). The delocalization is carried out through low-temperature vacuum distillation of a wine fermented previously in stainless steel tanks with constantly-controlled temperature. Thanks to this deconstruction process, the risk of the wine losing its aromatic components is reduced to a minimum.

The result of this innovative process is a fresh, fruity, different wine, especially recommended for all types of consumers, and designed to conquer a segment of the market that until now could not enjoy the pleasure of a product as exquisite as wine: drivers, pregnant women or those for whom alcohol consumption is prohibited on religious grounds, now have the chance to taste this new product, as novel as it is exquisite.

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