Pascal Quenard prefers to let his wines speak for themselves. His wines of Jacquère, Bergeron and Mondeuse are, in essence, a part of this great winemaker’s soul. Quenard chose to limit his vineyard to a surface of 6.5 ha in order to have complete control over the production of his wines and to still be able to make artisanal wines. To produce his wines, he limits vine yields of his vines, uses cover planting techniques, and refuses to use exogenous yeast products. In addition, he submits his wines to a malolactic fermentation process, while limiting levels of added sulphur.

Pascal Quénard is very attached to his Savoyan estate, a magnificent winery surrounded by the Alpes which cultivates unique grape varietals. As it faces towards the South and South-East, Chignin benefits from a microclimate with Mediterranean undertones. The vineyard is mainly distributed across sloped hillsides, on a soil predominantly composed of calcareous clay. The vines are approximately 40 years old, and are grown in the utmost respect for the terroir: no insecticides or other chemical products are used.

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