Next to the ancient underground cellar built at the end of the 1800s, was built in the ’60s the new vinification plant. Of recent construction is the state-of-the-art premises/buildings for the aging of wines in tanks and bottles.

The new CANTINE, mixing old traditions and modern architecture, is a production facility that preserves all the efforts already made in the vineyards, preserving the value of our wines unaltered unaffected thanks to modern air conditioning and stocking systems.

For the wine tourists willing to visit our facility, the winery is ready to welcome them to the best with guided tours and personalized wine tasting, able to satisfy wine buffs and more demanding experts.

The winery’s philosophy is centred on the valorization of our local varieties, such as the Garganega in the Gambellara area and the Tocai Rosso in the Colli Berici.
From here starts he ambitious project to revaluate the Tocai Rosso, commonly known as Grenache, as the symbol of Mediterranean culture and viticulture.

The Garganega grape, of ancient Greek origin, has always been grown in the Gambellara region, as papers dating back to 500B.C. demonstrate. Having clear in mind the great historic heritage, our aim is to maintain this millenary tradition unaltered, enriching it with technological innovation.

The particular affection for the Garganega grape has induced us to produce one of the most ancient wines in the Veneto region: the Gambellara Vin Santo DOC, a great withered PASSITO wine.
Of more recent cultivation are international vines (grapes) such as Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Cabernet, which DOC in the Colli Berici is the oldest in Italy.

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