The estate of 45 hectares of the Béres Vineyards and Winery is situated in the Basin of Bénye, in the geometrical centre of the Tokaj wine district. The Béres Family that bought this land in 2002 is determined to produce top quality wine in this traditional wine-growing area once again which would contribute to the fame of the Tokaji wine both at home and all over the world.

The owners who became famous for the Béres Drop brought the love and respect of nature, the unflinching drive for quality and a relentless innovative attitude into the wine-growing. The estate centre and winery of 3.000 square metres handed over in May 2006 incorporate not only the wine growing and winery but also the hospitality and office functions. From a technological point of view, it belongs to the most modern wineries of the country where the up-to-date methods are used together with the traditional winemaking technology of Tokaj-Hegyalja.

The 45 grapes plantation of 45 hectares occupies the south-eastern slopes of the Peres Hill, the southern slopes of the Felhegy-Zsákos Hill and the Diókút Valley between them. The Estate also includes a plum plantation of 0.5 hectares (Besztercei variety) established in 2006 and a meadow-forest area of 47.5 hectares a part of which is also suitable for grape plantations (i.e. the Peres d?l?, the Erezstvény d?l? and the Pinceszer d?l?).

The Béres Vineyard includes such traditionally famed and recognized d?l?-s (“field”) as the Barkóczi, the Aranyka-, the Herczeg- and the L?cse-d?l?. The latter received its name from “L?cse” free royal city in the historical Upper-Hungary that owned this area three hundred years ago. The safe ecological background of the wine-growing is ensured by the rhyolite tuff lymphatic soil, the steepness of the slopes (somewhere 35%) and the excellent micro-climate.

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