Andrea Oberto’s story might seem banal, but every time people hear how he became a wine producer, the expression on their faces is one of pure amazement. Not because Andrea Oberto started in a particularly adventurous or extraordinary way, but because his story is so simple that it fascinates and amazes people.

For most of his life, Andrea Oberto has worked two jobs: truck driver and farmer. After a long and exhausting work week, Andrea, driven by his great passion for the land, always found the energy to work the three hectares of vineyards he had inherited from his father. Some of the grapes from these vineyards were sent to the local cooperative winery, while the rest were made into wine and sold in lady johns to private customers.

Today, Andrea Oberto’s estate continues to be a family business but the three hectares of vineyards have become 16 hectares and the dame-jeannes are now bottles of fine wine (about 100,000) exported all over the world. Andrea’s passion, however, has not changed: while other producers prefer to delegate the work in the vineyards, Andrea has remained faithful to the land, continuing to work it with the same enthusiasm he has always had.

Fabio Oberto, Andrea’s son, recognizes and assumes the great responsibility of continuing the work of the extraordinary people who have dedicated their lives to this profession. These people never gave up, even when faced with difficulty or defeat, they had faith in what they were doing and never lost the passion that motivated them.

Recipient of three Gambero Rosso bicchieri for several vintages, Andrea Oberto’s wines finally have their crowning glory.

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