The Christmann family has been working in the vineyards around Gimmeldingen, Plafz, since the 16ᵉ century. The French Revolution of 1798 brought profound changes to the Palatinate, so one of the family’s ancestors, Georg Köhler, seized the opportunity and founded his winery. From then on, the experience of more than 220 vintages was passed on from generation to generation.

Their soils are not only the soil on which the vines grow, but they also tell the story of many generations who have integrated them, through their work, into the great cultural landscape of the Mittelhaardt. The famous traditional sites of the Palatinate are located between Neustadt and Kallstadt. The hills of the Haardtrand have produced wines of the highest quality for centuries. The Christmann estate is located in the south of the region. Each vineyard is a very special place, appreciated for its particularities. All their vineyards are classified as VDP.ERSTE and VDP.GROSSE LAGEN, so great distinctive wines are created that tell the story of their homeland, the Mittelhaardt in the Palatinate.

After more than 16 years of organic and biodynamic cultivation, the soil is full of life and the roots grow deeper. The vineyard has thus reached its balance. The vines only bear as many grapes as they can support, which allows for healthy grapes to be harvested in several passes year after year. Working in harmony with nature is the basis for producing wine from authentic vines like the great vineyards of the Renaissance.

Today, the estate is still a family-run winery. With his 25 years of experience, Steffen knows every step from the vine to the cellar. The revival of the great Mittelhaardter Riesling is his passion. Sophie, his daughter, became involved in 2018, following her studies and experience gained in different wineries around the world. Still supported by Fritz, who celebrates his 92nd birthday this year, they are the 6th, 7th and 8th generation of a long line. Intergenerational cooperation sometimes leads to discussions, but what ultimately prevails is the shared belief in achieving the best through traditionally produced wines that tell the story of the family’s origins in the Palatinate since 1798. The work done by their dedicated employees who are the right and left-hand men in the cellar, in the vineyard and with the customers is also to be underlined.

The wines of the Christmann estate are meant to be an exceptional taste experience that only the Pfalz, Mittelhaardt and their vineyards around Gimmeldingen and Königsbach are capable of producing.

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